The 18th Avenue Peace House

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"Our Mission as residents of the 18th Ave Peace House is to live into the kin-dom of God, by cultivating community, practicing hospitality and publicly demonstrating and advancing God’s peace."


to Sunnyside Community House.

Metanoia Peace Community currently has as one of its missions, the support of the newly forming Sunnyside Community House. For more information you may call Pat Schwiebert at 503 706-6583.

To make a tax deductible contribution to this mission, through Metanoia Peace Community, just click on the button below, then enter your credit card information and the amount of your contribution. It’s as simple as that.

Welcome to the 18th Ave Peace House

The 18th Avenue Peace House

Whether you are our guest for a few days or a few weeks, or even
for a single event, we invite you to experience during your time
here what we who live here experience as a way of life: the sense
that together we are part of the “kin-dom” or family of God. Your
being here, for however long, simply enlarges that sense of family
for us. We hope this will be true for you as well.

We are open to the possibility that God has sent you here as a
messenger, or “angel,” to teach us something that we need to
learn at this time in our life together. We are also open to the
possibility that God has sent you here to learn something from us.
Such is the way of God’s working in our midst.


Your Invitation to Daily "Lectio Divina"

Every morning Monday through Saturday Peace House residents, and any others who are interested, gather in the living room of the Peace House at 7:00 am for forty minutes of prayer, singing and reflection on a text from the Bible.  We follow a modified Lectio Divina format for our discussion.s  "Lectio Divina," a Latin term, means "divine reading" and describes a way of reading scripture whereby participants let go of their own agendas and open themselves to what the Spirit is saying to them through the sacred text.