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to Sunnyside Community House.

Metanoia Peace Community currently has as one of its missions, the support of the newly forming Sunnyside Community House. For more information you may call Pat Schwiebert at 503 706-6583.

To make a tax deductible contribution to this mission, through Metanoia Peace Community, just click on the button below, then enter your credit card information and the amount of your contribution. It’s as simple as that.


Here at the Peace House hospitality means several things:

First, it means making space available, on a limited basis and without charge, for use by Metanoia Peace Community and other not-for-profit groups for activities that encourage and support peace, justice, community and healing.

Second, it means offering bed, breakfast, and personal support to travelers engaged in the service of peace, justice, community and healing—or resting for a time from the work of their calling.

Third, it means welcoming into our household, as we are able, persons with terminal illnesses, so that they may spend the final months or years of their lives in an supportive family setting.