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to Sunnyside Community House.

Metanoia Peace Community currently has as one of its missions, the support of the newly forming Sunnyside Community House. For more information you may call Pat Schwiebert at 503 706-6583.

To make a tax deductible contribution to this mission, through Metanoia Peace Community, just click on the button below, then enter your credit card information and the amount of your contribution. It’s as simple as that.

Who We Are

“We” are the permanent and short- term residents of this 18th Ave Peace House. We live together as a community of faith, sharing
our lives and our stewardship of this facility and its common ministries of community, hospitality and peacemaking, and supporting
one another in living out our respective vocations.

Part of entering into this larger, voluntary extended family has been learning to share all that we have with one another: income,
possessions, time, affection, and the faith, hope and love that has been stirred in us by Jesus of Nazareth. Not surprisingly,
the sharing of resources in this way means that less income is required than if we were living separately. This in turn means
that we are able to devote more time and money to the several ministries to which we have been called, both individually and

We gather every morning at 7:20 to begin the day with singing, scripture reading and prayer. And we come back together every
evening for a common meal. We are joined in these shared activities by others in our larger circle of friends, and visitors are
always welcome.

We see this life as a graceful and gentle contrast to the rugged individualism and competitiveness of the prevailing culture. It is
a part of our witness to the “kin-dom” of God, which we pray and believe will one day prevail throughout humankind.